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The third and final book in the Sweet Trilogy finds Anna and her friends preparing to go up against the Dukes. Gathering allies has been hard when it’s impossible to know who can be trusted but the group she has is the one she’ll fight with. It’s good vs evil, Nephilim vs Dukes, in the final battle.

I loved the first two books in the series and adore so many of the characters that reading the final book, the final battle, made me nervous. Wendy Higgins does such a good job of making me like all of Anna’s group that there was never the feeling of ‘if someone has to die, I’d be okay with him/her’, instead it was ‘please don’t die, please don’t die, everyone live’. The main focus character-wise is on Anna and Kaidan but the other Nephilim in the rebel group still get their own spotlight where the reader gets to see how working for the Dukes has affected them.

The chemistry between Anna and Kaidan is hotter than ever and the flirty banter had me giggling and swooning. Both of them have grown so much through the series and we get to see how far they’ll go to keep each other safe. They’re perfect together. I also enjoyed the friendships, both already formed and new, between the core group. It was easy to see how much these characters cared about each other.

The pacing was really spot on. There was a lot of action and tense moments but there was still plenty of romantic moments and great scenes with friends and family that were impossible not to smile at. I like that even during the more happier moments, there was still a bit of tension about the oncoming war. There wasn’t a huge build up that got lost the moment the scene shifted.

This one is definitely my favorite out of the three books and the perfect conclusion to the series.
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