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All Hail Wendy Higgins!
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Sweet Reckoning was amazing. I had so many theories about how the series would end, and I don't think a thing happened the way I expected it to. I'm fairly good at seeing plot twists and the like, but this caught me completely off guard. Wendy found loopholes in all the right places. Unlike a lot of other series enders, Sweet Reckoning had a nice amount of exposition. It didn't hit the climax and then have one teeny weeny chapter to wrap it up. I am happy to say that I got full closure from the ending given!

My heart hurts for the characters. I don't want to spoil it, but let's just say that Wendy is BRUTAL to them in this book, Anna especially. To be fair, there are some amazing moments mixed in. I was laughing my head off all the time while reading this. All the characters hit new highs and new lows. Their willpower is put to the test, and they pass with flying colors. There was at least one character who I hated at the beginning of the story and loved by the end. Anna really found herself in this book, and I love her more than ever. And if you look up, you see that Kai definitely has a place in my heart.

Like with the previous books, Sweet Reckoning has a prologue and an epilogue. Both provided some really cool insight, and honestly, the epilogue was very near perfect. I'm the kind of reader that loves pretty bow on top of a story, and Wendy did it perfectly! The action was constant and the romance beyond scorching. There were a couple awkward moments for the reader and the characters, but they always got past it. The characters all came full circle and I believe just about every plot point was wrapped up. There were no loose ends, which was REALLY nice. Sorry this can't be more in depth, but I REALLY don't want to spoil it! A perfect series ender that will go down in the history books! Five stars for sure!

P.S. Wendy Higgins might be my favorite nonexistent word in the dictionary!
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