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I love this cover and would REALLY like to have a set of all three dresses. Maybe Harper can make that happen? Okay, cool.

When I attended ALAMW, Sweet Reckoning was the one book I was desperate to come home with. Like, if I had to trade ALL THE CUPCAKES IN THE WORLD for it I would. And I did, sort of.

Okay, so it wasn't all of the cupcakes, but I did gift the lovely ladies at the Harper booth with a dozen Jenuine Cupcakes, mainly because I think they're awesome. (But also because I'm not above bribery. Don't judge.) In return, they gifted me with Anna, Kai and the rest of the Sweet gang early.

I came home, cracked open the spine and---froze. I wanted to read it. I tried to read it, but I couldn't seem to make myself read it. Not yet. Why? Because FINAL BOOK SYNDROME kicked in and scared the sprinkles off my cupcake. (FBS is when you dedicate years of your life to a book series, only to experience crushing disappointment with the final book. I've suffered from this syndrome quite bit recently which is sad.)

But I digress. Once I finally sucked it up and started reading, I COULD.NOT.PUT.IT.DOWN.

Seriously, THIS is how a series like this SHOULD end!!

Wendy Higgins does an excellent job of bringing Anna's journey full circle, showing how love, forgiveness, sacrifice and having faith aren't always easy, but are always necessary. It's also a reminder that your past doesn't define you.

We all have it in us to do the right thing. And despite the fact that it nearly killed me, the Epilogue is nothing short of perfection .

Fans of the Sweet Series will not be disappointed. Read it!
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