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(Updated: June 09, 2024)
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Shark Princess Surfin' Sharks is the third book in this graphic novel series. It's based on the adventures of a shark Princess named Kitana and her best friend, Mack.

As the story begins, Mack is excited about competing in the very first Surfin' Shark competition ever held. Mack's enthusiasm dampens when he sees that Telo, one of his competitors, is better at surfing than him. Mack decides to quit surfing if he can't be the best at it. Princess Kitana hates to see her friend sad. She takes Mack to a shark spa for some pampering. At the spa, they run into a baby shark who is lost and looking for their mama. Mack and Kitana help the baby shark reunite with their mama. As Mack teaches the baby shark how to surf, he is reminded why surfing is so special to him.

What I Liked: This is a fantastic graphic novel for an emerging reader, as there is not too much text on each page, and there are only 2-3 comic panels on a page. The illustrations also help to tell the story. It's easy to tell when the sharks are happy and sad because they have such expressive facial expressions.

I appreciate that the story stresses that even if you are not the best at something you should not give up. Mack finds joy in just surfing and having fun, and the story ends on a positive note.

I love a book with bonus content, and this had quite a bit. There was a Hide and Sea page, two pages of shark/sea facts, and a page on how to draw the baby shark.

What Left Me Wanting More: There was some confusion around whether the shark Mack was a boy or a girl. My son assumed Mack was a boy until he reached page 49 when Kitana and Mack said we are Shark Princesses. I thought that answered the question until we read the blurb on the back of the book that referred to Mack as a he. It wasn't clear, but it didn't impact the story either way.

Shark Princess- Surfin' Sharks is a fun read with a positive message that elementary aged children will enjoy.
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