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Even Superheroes Have Fear
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Maisie wants nothing more than to be a superhero because they never get scared. To her, this is the coolest thing because she's afraid of a lot of things. But her mom and dad explain that even her favorite superheroes are scared of something. Burpnado freaks out at the sight of jelly, Specstacular is terrified of the dark, and Boogie Boy gets scared by bugs. Superheroes are human too, but what makes them extra special is that they have something called courage. Fighting through their fears proves how brave they are and that's why they seem invincible.

SUPERHEROES DON'T GET SCARED is an inspiring story that teaches children the importance of facing your fears and having courage. Everyone is afraid of something and that's a part of being human, but this book shows children to not let them hold you back from being the best you can be. The illustrations are comic-book style with bold colors and there is so much humor that the author had both my daughter and me smiling. Like the silliness of the superhero names and their gifts and fears to go along with it. The rhyming scheme makes the dialogue lyrical and flow smoothly. I'm always looking for entertaining books like these so I'm so happy to have shared this with my daughter who is also scared of the dark.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of superheroes and comic books. It's also a perfect book for children fighting fears and for those who are looking for a good laugh.
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