Sunny G's Series of Rash Decisions

Sunny G's Series of Rash Decisions
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February 08, 2022
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Sunny G's brother left him one thing when he died: His notebook, which Sunny is determined to fill up with a series of rash decisions. Decision number one was a big one: He stopped wearing his turban, cut off his hair, and shaved his beard. He doesn't look like a Sikh anymore. He doesn't look like himself anymore. Even his cosplay doesn't look right without his beard.
Sunny debuts his new look at prom, which he's stuck going to alone. He's skipping the big fandom party—the one where he'd normally be in full cosplay, up on stage playing bass with his band and his best friend, Ngozi—in favor of the Very Important Prom Experience. An experience that's starting to look like a bust.
Enter Mindii Vang, a girl with a penchant for making rash decisions of her own, starting with stealing Sunny's notebook. When Sunny chases after her, prom turns into an all-night adventure—a night full of rash, wonderful, romantic, stupid, life-changing decisions.

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A prom night filled with rash but fun decisions
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Sunny G's Series of Rash Decisions opens with Sunny G a Punjabi teen attending his prom, excited about this teenage rite of passage. Like any good 80's movie(Sunny references them a lot), Sunny G's prom is sure to be memorable. He has a notebook belonging to his deceased brother Goldy with notes that don't make sense and Sunny is trying to figure out what they mean. Sunny starts to add his list of "rash decisions" to the notebook. Mindii steals the notebook and that is the start of an epic night of adventure and rash decisions.

Immediately, I was drawn to Sunny's character. The guy is nerdy, loves crocheting, and participates in a metal band. He loves cosplay and even makes his own outfits. While the story progresses you see Sunny processing Goldy's death and in turn figuring out a little bit more about himself.

Sunny and Mindii's relationship is sweet. They share an affinity for cosplay and empathize with each other's grief. Sunny for his brother and Mindii who misses her grandmother. Their relationship felt very authentic of two teenagers having a crush.

The book is so intertwined with references to cosplay and fandoms that at times I had no idea what they were talking about, but it is one of the main ways Sunny and Mindii bond, so it's a vital part of the plot. In so many of their stops, they were able to experience each other's cultures and food. As a reader, I enjoyed reading about the different foods and drinks they ate, and it certainly inspired me to try them.

Sunny G's Series of Rash Decisions is a book that teens who are struggling to find who they are will relate to and will appeal greatly to those who are into cosplay.
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