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Kids Fiction 193
A gently beautiful board book
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This is a delicately beautiful little board book. Its a quiet book and not the least bit flashy or loud. Everything about it is gentle, from Natalie Jane Priors simple text to Anna Pignataros simply joyous watercolor illustrations.

Its a book about the sun and where the sun shines, from rocky islands where seal pups doze to sunny bars where mice slumber in the straw. Its a morning book, for those first rays of sunshine that wake up the world.

I wondered, when I first saw it, whether it would hold the interest of a young child used to being bombarded with board books full of primary colors and the clash, bang, boom of many stories. As an adult, I cant help but love it (the art is something Id be happy putting up on my walls), but would a child?

My little Max is one and a half and he actually asks for this book by name. Sun! he cries, holding it up and bringing it to me. After I finish reading it, he almost always says Again! It has definitely caught his heart, as well as mine.

This one will be equally enjoyed by both adults and children alike.
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