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Stealing Infinity
(Updated: July 04, 2022)
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Natasha Clarke knows she should listen to her friend Mason's warning about beautiful, impulsive Elodie but she can't help herself. When one of their little trips to a club turns into something she doesn't expect, Nat finds herself at Gray Wolf Academy which has a mysterious purpose. One that hints back to her father's teachings. Only here does she find out that time can indeed be visited and her place there might be more sinister than she wants.

What worked: Intriguing romp through time where clues and mysteries are everywhere. This is a fast-paced, totally engaging thriller. It reminded me of a rogue teen group Timeless, only here the main person behind going back in time or 'tripping' isn't totally truthful.

Elodie is that frenemy. Someone who has an ultimate plan behind her smiles. I wanted to shout at Nat to not trust her many times. Readers though don't know what she really plans to do with Nat. Throughout it all Nat is strong, persistent, and refuses to be brow beaten. She also has her own paranormal ability that she fears sharing with others at Gray Wolf Academy.

Braxton is that cute guy that Nat slowly falls for, but not without questioning his true purpose on why he was so intent on her coming to Gray Wolf Academy. Braxton, along with others at the school, have their own secrets.

Mysteries, suspense, and romance are all tied up in a world where the sole purpose of Gray Wolf Academy is much more than collecting jewelry and art from the past. There's a plan behind all of it and Nat slowly tries to make sense of it all.

Da Vinci Code meets Timeless with a crew of teens out to steal pieces from time. The cliffhanging ending had me have so many questions that I hope are answered in the second book. Once again Noel has a winner story!
Good Points
1. Intriguing romp through time
2. Da Vinci Code meets Timeless with a crew of teens out to steal pieces from time
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