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Starling by Lesley Livingston
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This book wasn't exactly up to my expectations. I was expecting a fast paced novel that would rock my socks off with all its mythology and action, but what I got was just a mythological novel that fell flat to me.
Mason Starling is a girl who is a master in fencing. She can take over any competition and win against anyone. One night while practicing, a storm come and almost wipes out her entire school, Gosforth Academy. With the storm comes a mysterious stranger whom makes all the difference in Mason's world.
As I said this book sort of fell flat from what I was expecting. So here's what I really enjoyed. I LOVED the mythology aspect of the story. It was a really interesting read. I'm not that familiar with Norse mythology (although its like all other legends where they are all basically the same gods and goddess and they all do the same things, just with different names) so everything I read in this book was basically a learning experience. I learned a lot from this book and was able to take a lesson away from it.
The only bad thing about this lesson, was the fact that the plot was moving so slow. It seemed like after the amazinf first chapter, nothing "exciting" happened until the middle of the book. That quarter in between just seemed like an information dump. Then at the second part it of the book it was the same way. The first quarter was like another information dump (like she was setting up for the climax) and then there was the amazing ending. It was literally like this /\_____/\____/\
Then there was the writing itself. I LOVED its descriptiveness. Its what saved the story for me. I wanted to continue reading her writing versus wanted to finish reading the story. Its what kept me pulled into the story.
But along with that comes the insta-love. The romance was pretty weird. Like at first, it was they didn't like/know each other and then as soon as they were able to spend more time together, after the first time they were in love. I can't stand that instalove scenario anymore. Be original, make them fight for each other, make their love forbidden or something.
Overall, it wasn't a bad book. i really enjoyed the writing and the mythology. The plot and insta-love not so much... But with an ending like that I will definitely be completing the series.
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