Spy School Secret Service

Spy School Secret Service
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October 10, 2017
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In the fifth book in the New York Times bestselling Spy School series, Ben goes undercover in the White House to take on a SPYDER operative determined to assassinate the president.

Thirteen-year-old Ben Ripley has had a lot of field success despite only just beginning his second year at Spy School, something even graduates rarely experience. But he’d never have survived without the help from experienced agents and his friends. Now he’s been called in on a solo mission—and the fate of the United States of America is on his shoulders alone.

The mission: Prevent a presidential assassination by infiltrating the White House and locating the enemy operative.

And when everything goes wrong, Ben must rely on his spy school friends to save his reputation…but even friends can double-cross or be swayed to the enemy’s side.

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What I Loved: With each book, the character’s skills and personalities are growing. Mike is now a first-year spy in training after his help in saving them in the last book. His social dynamic brings to light that Zoe has had a crush on Ben without him knowing it. Erica admits her feelings but is unwilling to pursue a relationship because it will interfere with her ability to be a spy. That is only a bit of what Ben deals with in this latest installment of the series.
Cyrus Hale has learned that SPYDER is planning an assassination attempt on the President’s life. Ben is going undercover as a friend to the President’s son to try and see who might be responsible. Turns out the first son is a jerk and gets Ben locked in a holding cell the first day. The second day only goes much worse as SPYDER’s plan is uncovered too late to stop the explosion in the oval office and from Ben becoming public enemy number one as the suspected assassin.
He is totally on his own to evade every police force while his picture is constantly splashed in the media. Zoe and a few others believe in his innocence. It is unclear at first whether Erica and Cyrus believe he’s innocent or a double agent this whole time after all. Another mole is uncovered by Ben’s group of friends and Ashley Sparks is able to get away from custody because of him.
We also get to meet Erica’s mother who ends up being an MI6 agent for England. She helps Ben out of a bad situation.
Final verdict: I like how the characters are evolving and becoming more real as they traverse each new challenge they face. This was another enjoyable addition to the series. The audiobook was well done making this another quick read that was action-packed and humorous.
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