Spy School Goes South

Spy School Goes South
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October 02, 2018
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In the sixth book in the New York Times bestselling Spy School series, Ben is taken to Mexico by his nemesis in the hopes that he’ll finally be able to take down SPYDER.

Thirteen-year-old Ben Ripley has been caught in the snares of SPYDER more than once and knows well enough to be suspicious of anything that seems too good to be true—despite needing special tutoring in advanced survival techniques. So when Murray Hill finally breaks his silence with an offer to hand over the SPYDER elite, Ben knows that there must be something going on. But his hesitation doesn’t stop the assignment.

The mission: Follow Murray Hill to an undisclosed location with no one else but Erica Hale to identify SPYDER leadership.

However, as Ben suspected, nothing goes as planned, and what should be an easy mission quickly turns deadly. Ben and Erica will have to face rogue agents, trained killers, and even very hungry crocodiles in a race against the clock to find out what SPYDER is up to this time—and thwart their evil plans.

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What I Loved: Ben once again is the center of a SPYDER-related mission when Murray Hill agrees to reveal everything he knows, but only to Ben and only if they get in an airplane to the new SPYDER base. Erica convinces Ben it will be an easy surveillance mission and they could learn so much.
Mike and Zoe stow away on the plane. It is not surprising that the pilots end up being SPYDER double agents and abandon the plane leaving Murray to die with them during a missile attack. Using all of their skills they survive a plane crash, hungry crocodiles, underground caves, and iguana poop, leading them to join the Farkle family reunion in a swanky hotel in Mexico where SPYDER has been hiding since Ben blew up their base.
Now that Zoe’s crush has been exposed, Ben is taking a closer look at her and her skills. Zoe is irritated that all the boys swoon over Erica when she has the nickname of Ice Queen for a reason. She gets Ben to face the fact that Erica continuously puts him in danger and convinces him things will be easy just to pursue SPYDER. I am enjoying the evolving complexity of relationships between the group of friends as Ben tries to navigate his romantic feelings. Now that he is really noticing Zoe as a potential girlfriend it is going to force Erica, Ben, and Zoe to navigate more mature themes and work balance.
Final Verdict: I like the humor and Gibb’s ability to make events loosely believable. I love that as the series progresses so does the depth of the characters’ personal challenges. Once again, the audiobook made this a quick and easy read since our family mission seems to be to devour this series as fast as possible. All humor aside, I appreciated the Author’s note at the end about current policies and how they affected the ending of his book. He is becoming a trusted voice in our household for entertainment and having him discuss the ramifications of environmental practices and how his audience can help is meaningful.

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