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This book picks up right after the end of book one. Its quick-paced, intense beginning sucks the reader right back into the story. There were so many emotions going on in this part, but let’s be honest, throughout the whole book.

I loved seeing Charlie’s real response to all she’d gone through, even though it was heartbreaking. It made her that much more relatable. She’s depressed and struggling, but she pushes past that like the fierce ruler she’s growing to be. She’s no longer the naïve princess she was at the start, and watching her make bold choices both for her friends and kingdom was fantastic.

This series is so well written and easy to get lost in. I actually listened to the audiobook this time around, and the narrator did such an incredible job bringing the story and characters to life!

Full review for book three, Summer’s Rebellion, is coming super soon because I finished both within 24 hours. I couldn’t stop. The only reason I didn’t continue with the fourth book was because it was four in the morning and I had to get up somewhat early. However, by the time this review goes up, I probably will have it read too.

Highly recommend this series!
Good Points
- Incredible world building and character development
- Engaging storytelling, could not stop reading
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