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 Today we’re spotlighting The Thrice-Gifted Child by Jo Allen Ash!

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Meet Jo Allen Ash:

Jo Allen Ash is the pen name Robin Maderich has chosen for her young adult titles. She has begun referring to this alter ego on a first name basis, as Jo. “It’s rather fun, as if she’s somehow separate from who I am. Doing so leaves me free to contemplate new tales in wildly imaginative ways, uninhibited by self-doubt. This is how I write as Jo.”

As Jo Allen Ash, Ms. Maderich has penned a young adult series of dystopian sci-fi/fantasy filled with complex and compelling characters (“according to someone other than me, someone who reviews books for a living,” says Maderich/Ash). In The Shadows We Make Jo Allen Ash has burrowed down into dark themes, such as addiction, hopelessness and loss, which are countered by the strength and quality and unexpected sweetness of forged friendships. Book Two, The Thrice-Gifted Child, continues where The Shadows We Make leaves off, with the same cast of characters and a few more besides. Both The Shadows We Make and The Thrice-Gifted Child are available now. Book Three, The Sleeping Myth, is due out in July 2023.

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About the Book: The Thrice-Gifted Child

Grace Irese, sixteen-year-old desert warrior, Duncan Oaks, teenage con-artist, along with a young mystic and a doctor’s thieving son, have survived an escape from the juvenile facility on the prison planet, Emerald, against impossible odds, forming profound and unexpected friendships in the process. After rescuing Duncan’s extraordinarily gifted sister from the tyrannical warlord who had condemned Grace and Duncan to their lifelong sentences, they find neither survival nor friendship makes them immune to the new dangers facing them in The Wilds. A province devastated by an ancient war where the inhabitants are reputed to be fierce, violent and intolerant, Grace nevertheless believes the answers she desperately needs can be found there. The others are hoping only for a place to rest and regroup, safe from the violent man and his soldiers who are hunting them down. But as grandmother-quoting Duncan likes to say, “out of the frying pan, into the fire”—an adage that will prove more prophetic than any of them realize.

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I didn’t like Ren. I couldn’t say why precisely, except he was arrogant and impatient and possessed a pretty boy’s entitlement, to boot. Yeah, well, obviously I could say why. Not out loud, though. Grace seemed on a short fuse. I couldn’t be sure she’d tolerate it. But my head kept right on going, mounting up reason after reason for dislike as I glanced at him striding along on Grace’s far side. As if he had some right to be there. As if he suddenly thought he was one of us. As if I couldn’t, mightn’t, oughtn’t reach out and punch him square in the jaw.

Picturing Grace’s reaction to the last, I shoved the satisfaction the image brought far away, because Grace really was, and had been, in a strange, dark mood since we fled the compound. I tried asking her why, yesterday. If she’d been a conjure, she would have taken my head clean off. Not that she’d said anything. She hadn’t. It was the look she gave me—made my guts quiver. Made me get up and resituate myself on the opposite side of the flames where Mika had been taking a turn cooking a meal. A real meal. Nice and hot. We hadn’t had one of those since…I couldn’t remember when. Back at the facility, I guess, although a meal from a prep-unit, warm or not, could never quite be the same.

In response, my stomach growled. Loudly. Without a word, or even looking at me, Grace reached into the deep pocket in her trousers and pulled something out, shoving it into my hand. I glanced down at the object in my fingers. Dried fruit. I grunted my thanks, shoved the tangy sliver gratefully into my mouth. What would I, what would any of us, do without Grace?

She’d say the same about us. I knew she would.

And she was probably right. We, Grace, Carina, Mika, me, made quite an effective team. Lucky for us. Things could have gone so much worse. They still could. Different world, different problems, but yeah, they still could. Horribly wrong. Like they had for Skelly.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously and any resemblance to persons living or dead, locales, businesses, or events is coincidental.

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Title: The Thrice-Gifted Child

Author: Jo Allen Ash

Release Date: January 24, 2023

Publisher: Potter Street Books

ISBN-13: 9798987068106

Genre: YA Dystopian Sci-fi/Fantasy

Age Range: 13+





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