Spotlight on See How They Run by Ally Carter, Plus Giveaway!




Today, we’re spotlighting See How They Run (Embassy Row, Book Two). Ally Carter’s‘s new release brings readers back into the world of Embassy Row. Read on for a sneak peek of this book and a chance to enter the giveaway!



But first, meet Ally.


Ally Carter is the New York Times bestselling author of Heist Society, Uncommon Criminals, and the popular Gallagher Girls series, which have sold over two million copies and are published in more than twenty countries. Visit Ally online at and on Twitter @OfficiallyAlly. 



Now meet Ally’s book, See How They Run.


Master of intrigue Ally Carter returns with See How They Run, Book #2 of the New York Times bestselling series Embassy Row. A clever mix of international intrigue, psychological thrills, and swoon-worthy cross-cultural crushes, See How They Run continues the story of Grace, the rebellious granddaughter a powerful ambassador. After spending years trying to unravel the mysterious circumstances of her mother’s death, Grace uncovered a terrifying worldwide conspiracy. Now she finds herself in the crosshairs. Will Grace fall into the traps set for her or will she reveal the truth, when both choices threaten to destroy her entire world? 


Sounds great, right?! With introductions in order, we’re happy to reveal a sneak peek just for you! 


Excerpt from See How They Run:


Chapter One

Idon’t know where I am. I don’t know why I’m here. And as I study the woman who stands two feet away from me, staring, I realize I don’t know her either.

Not even a little bit.

Sure, she is my grandfather’s chief of staff. She says she was my mother’s friend. I’ve seen her every day for weeks now, but she is a stranger. For a second, I have to wonder if this might all be a nightmare. But not a nightmare, really. A hallucination. A fantasy. An . . . episode. That’s what the doctors call it when my mind drifts to places that aren’t real and aren’t here and aren’t now. 

I’ve been doing it for years, they tell me. Ever since my mom died.

Ever since I — 

No. I don’t let myself think about what I did. There are some things that, once remembered, you can never quite forget.

“Grace, it’s okay,” Ms. Chancellor says. “ You’re safe here.”

I know she’s afraid I’m going to turn around and run down the tunnel from which we’ve just emerged. Or, worse, that I’m going to lash out — that I’m going to fight. With her. With the truth. With reality, because reality keeps trying to kill me, and one day it might just succeed.

“Grace?” Ms. Chancellor’s hand is on my arm, and only then do I realize I’ve started to shake. Then again, I’m always shaking.

Unlike Ms. Chancellor. I look at her hand — at how steady it is — and I think about how it held the gun. She didn’t waver. She didn’t tremble. She just took aim at the most powerful man in Adria and pulled the trigger.

That was a week ago. Now she’s looking at me as if nothing happened at all. 



See How They Run
  1. By: Ally Carter

  3. Release Date: December 22, 2015




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