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Today we’re spotlighting Enhanced by Candace Kade!

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Meet Candace Kade:

Candace Kade grew up in China and currently lives in Austin, Texas. When she’s not missing Chinese food, she’s busy writing, exploring new countries, volunteering, hiking in national parks, teaching her husband Mandarin, and keeping a baby human alive.

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About the Book: Enhanced

Lee Urban is living a lie.

In a society where everyone’s DNA determines their destiny, being a Natural means automatic relegation to the gritty and dangerous Outskirts. With the harnessed power of gene-editing, the ability to create a super-human race has transformed the world and offered the opportunity of a genetically enhanced life. But only to those who can afford it.

Born a Natural, Lee Urban was adopted into the Enhanced high society of the Asian Federation and forced to conceal her genetic roots. When her dream of attending Peking University becomes a reality, she is determined to go despite a warning from a mysterious source.

Targeted by a hacker bent on exposing her true DNA, Urban faces off with an Artificial Intelligence Game that puts her—and her lies—to the test. What was supposed to be a dream come true turns into a lethal gamble of hide-and-seek with her genetics. Can Urban continue the act, or will the cracks in her story expose her and endanger her family?

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Urban awoke in pitch blackness.

It was cold and smelled of moldy air. She reached for her blanket but couldn’t find it. Coral had to stop turning the temperature down so much or she was going to freeze. A gentle hum in the background made her want to go back to sleep.

“Urban, are you alright?”

The voice carried urgency, and Urban realized it was Coral’s voice. Odd. Why would she be asking a question like that? Something at the back of her mind attempted to surface. It was some sort of bad dream. Something crazy that made her nerves spike.

“Urban.” This was Lillian’s voice, full of static.

What is she doing in here?

“You need to get up now.” Lilian was using her low and serious voice, reserved for emergencies. It still sounded like she was speaking through some sort of microphone.

Blinking, Urban searched for her sister but couldn’t see her. Her blanket was gone, too, and she lay on something hard and cold. Her hands brushed up against smooth glass. With a jolt of alarm, she sat up and groped in the darkness. She was surrounded by a glass cage.

“We have two minutes and counting.” Coral again, this time sounding frustrated.
Urban curled into a ball.
“Urban, do you remember what happened?” Lillian asked gently. Her voice sounded odd, and Urban realized it was because it was coming from her earpiece.

“You’ve been passed out for the last thirty minutes,” Lillian told her. “This is all part of your dare with the Inventors. Remember?”


The word rang a bell. Like the Inventor’s House. This all had something to do with her bad dream didn’t it? It involved following Slash up to the Inventor’s lounge and meeting Hawk and . . .

And then it all came back.
“Where am I?” she croaked, her mouth dry.
“One minute, twenty-seconds,” Coral said.
“Coral has been very helpful and hacked your feed so we can communicate with you,” Lillian said. “Do you remember we’re in the middle of tryouts for the Dragons?”

Urban’s head was foggy again. What on earth did Coral and the Games have to do with her current predicament?

“One minute,” Coral cut in.

Lights flooded the room. After blinking away the sudden brightness, Urban found she was in a large capsule encased with mirrors. She was wearing a strange flexible but armored suit and a helmet with a hammer and sickle on it. How had she ended up wearing that? Why did the suit look so familiar?

“You’re about to be the next contender,” Lillian said.


Copyright © 2023 by Candace Kade

Published by Enclave Publishing, an imprint of Oasis Family Media, LLC

Carol Stream, Illinois, USA.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, digitally stored, or transmitted in any form without written permission from Oasis Family Media, LLC.



Title: Enhanced

Author: Candace Kade

Illustrator: Kirk DouPonce

Release Date: March 14th 2023

Publisher: Enclave Publishing

ISBN-13: 979-8-88605-034-9

Genre: FICTION/Young adult/Science Fiction

Age Range: 13+





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