Spotlight on Beneath the Wide Silk Sky (Emily Inouye Huey), Excerpt & Giveaway ~ US/CAN Only

Today we’re spotlighting Beneath the Wide Silk Sky (Emily Inouye Huey)

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Meet Emily Inouye Huey:

Emily Inouye Huey is the daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War II. Her family was evacuated from their homes and farms in California and Washington. Her grandparents met and married in Wyoming’s Heart Mountain Relocation Center, and her father was born in the camp hospital. When the war ended, the family was sent to Utah, where they started over and where Emily still lives, now with her husband and four children.

She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University and teaches at Salt Lake Community College. You can visit her at or on Instagram at @emily_inouye_huey.

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About Beneath the Wide Silk Sky:

Stunning, devastating, poignant: debut author Emily Inouye Huey paints an intimate portrait of the racism faced by America’s Japanese population during WWII. Perfect for fans of Ruta Sepetys and Sharon Cameron.

Sam Sakamoto doesn’t have space in her life for dreams. With the recent death of her mother, Sam’s focus is the farm, which her family will lose if they can’t make one last payment. There’s no time for her secret and unrealistic hope of becoming a photographer, no matter how skilled she’s become. But Sam doesn’t know that an even bigger threat looms on the horizon.

On December 7, 1941, Japanese airplanes attack the US naval base at Pearl Harbor. Fury towards Japanese Americans ignites across the country. In Sam’s community in Washington State, the attack gives those who already harbor prejudice an excuse to hate.

As Sam’s family wrestles with intensifying discrimination and even violence, Sam forges a new and unexpected friendship with her neighbor Hiro Tanaka. When he offers Sam a way to resume her photography, she realizes she can document the bigotry around her — if she’s willing to take the risk. When the United States announces that those of Japanese descent will be forced into “relocation camps,” Sam knows she must act or lose her voice forever. She engages in one last battle to leave with her identity — and her family — intact.

Emily Inouye Huey movingly draws inspiration from her own family history to paint an intimate portrait of the lead-up to Japanese incarceration, racism on the World War II homefront, and the relationship between patriotism and protest in this stunningly lyrical debut.

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Even filtered through the trees, white morning light glared on the truck’s windshield. I edged closer to Charlie, until I could feel his warmth on my side. Though the half-cab truck was so cold that his breath made puffs of mist, he whistled as he drove Kiki and me to school, as if last night’s fight had never happened. On my other side, Kiki used the passenger-side window as a mirror, smearing crimson lipstick on her mouth. I sighed, sending a filmy haze into the air in front of me.

The truck lurched, making a horrible screeching sound, and I had to brace my hands on the dash. Kiki’s lipstick jerked, painting a red streak across her front teeth.

“Jeez!” Kiki glared at Charlie.

Charlie regripped the steering wheel and grimaced. “Sorry. Pothole. This dang road . . .” When it rained or snowed, the roads in Japantown could turn into pure mud.

“Here, we’re almost to the pavement,” Charlie said as we neared the Mercantile. Hiro’s father, Mr. Tanaka, owned the shop, with its bright red door and windows cluttered with pasted signs. It stood on the edge of Japantown, the only shop in our neighborhood.

Charlie made the turn from the unnamed dirt road onto Farmers’ Freeway, a paved street that would take us toward the center of the island, where the school was located and where all the white families lived. As the truck settled back into its rhythmic creaking, Charlie grinned. “I guess it’s kind of like a roller coaster. Maybe we should charge for tickets.”

“You’re in a good mood,” I said, settling back into my seat. Next to me, Kiki cleaned her teeth with a handkerchief.

Charlie shrugged and looked back at the road. “Sure. Why not?” “I thought you’d be . . . crabbier, I guess. After last night, I mean.” “Hmph.” On my other side, Kiki leaned forward and cocked her head at Charlie. “Yes, he does seem happier, doesn’t he?”

Charlie glanced at her and cleared his throat, shaking his head so slightly that I might have missed it. Then he shrugged. “Just feels like today’s going to be a good day.”

Kiki smirked. “Right. I’m sure that’s what it is.”

“What? What’s going on?” I asked.

Kiki’s lips parted, and for a second, she seemed close to telling me. Then she shrugged and leaned back. Facing the window again, she examined her curls, making sure every pin was in its proper place.

I sighed and turned. “Charlie?”

“It’s nothing,” Charlie said.

“But, Charlie—”

“Drop it, Sam.” There was an edge in Charlie’s voice, and I sat back, stung. Charlie had a secret? I was the one he shared things with, just like he was the one I confided in. Why did Kiki know? And why wouldn’t he tell me?

I shifted, so Charlie and I were no longer touching. Thick silence fell in the cab. When I dared to look over, Charlie’s eyes were filled with something I couldn’t decipher. Was it fear? I couldn’t understand how this new look fit with the cheerfulness Kiki had teased him for.

Excerpted from Beneath the Wide Silk Sky by Emily Inouye Huey, Copyright © 2022 by Emily Inouye Huey

Published by Schoalstic Inc.





Title: Beneath the Wide Silk Sky      

Author: Emily Inouye Huey

Release Date: October 18, 2022

Publisher: Scholastic Press

ISBN-10: 1338789945

ISBN-13: 9781338789942

Genre: Historical Fiction

Age Range: YA / 12 and up





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