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Holy crap! How do I explain how amazing this book was?! This is definitely my favorite book of 2013 so far! I never wanted the story to end!

Alyssa Gardener is a strange girl. She can hear insects and flowers talking! Since this is not a normal situation she has to silence them right; so why no use them as…. ART PIECES?! I was immediately drawn to this. I LOVE art! Alyssa sees them as more than just bugs; she seems them as inspiration.

Things become even more intriguing when you find out she is related to the Alice that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is based off of, not to mention insanity supposedly runs in her family. Alyssa has found ways to deal with all this; she skateboards.

Alyssa is struggling with her attraction to Jeb, her mom being in a loony bin, and the voices that never seem to disappear.

Jebediah and her have known each other since sixth grade. I was drawn to their burning attraction for each other. It is so obvious that he is head over heels for her by how protective he is. I think it is kind of hot! I mean, having a guy fawn all over you… sign me right up!

I was devastated by the fact that Alyssa had to go without her mother.I could not imagine having to go each day to see my mom in a loony bin. She knows that her mom is not completely insane. She can hear the voices too. Alyssa just hates seeing her father suffer through it all. He has been through a lot the past couple of years. I definitely could not imagine seeing the person I love go through something like that. Alyssa knows she only has one choice to right the wrongs; she has to jump down the rabbit hole and follow in her great-great-great grandmothers footsteps.

But Alyssa is not alone on this crazy journey; Jeb jumps in after Alyssa and joins her on her quest to right the wrongs. I was so so happy with the vivid detail and structure this story had. I have to give A.G. Howard a huge round of applause! This book is so AMAZING! I literally sat there in a daze for about five minutes after I finished it. This book is a more-than-one-time read!

Wonderland is not what you read or watched as a child in this book. It is a place full of death, fear, and misfortune. This is a world where your darkest nightmares come true, and quite frankly I was extremely enthralled!

The characters, the scenes, the discoveries; they were all well thought out. I could not put this book down! I was so eager to continue on this magnificent journey with Alyssa and Jeb, but I was sad to see it all end. OMG and MORPHEUS! What a dream!

I could not stop picturing Brandon Lee from The Crow! Which is one of my favorite movies and a fantastic visual interpretation for Morpheus’ part!

I was not really sure how I felt about the whole love triangle. I was rooting for Jeb thoughout the whole story! Although having a love affair with a netherling character is very appealing, I felt that Morpheus did not care for Alyssa with the same intensity that Jeb did. Their first kiss was quite a revelation! And the burning attraction they have for one another was earth shattering.

Alyssa stumbles upon information that answers all her unknown secrets. I was quite shocked and pleased when this information surfaced! The book just keeps getting better and better, but all good things must come to an end. Alyssa must face her darkest desires or drown in her own denials.

The ending to this book is…. WOW! IDK how to put into words how perfectly everything fell into place. I just feel like I lost a really good friend. This book is a MUST read! A.G. Howard has just become an all time favorite of mine. GO GET THIS BOOK!
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