Sparrows in the Wind

Sparrows in the Wind
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October 25, 2022
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This latest novel from Newbery Honor author Gail Carson Levine about two princesses battling against their fates in the middle of the Trojan War is a must-read for anyone who loves Greek mythology or the Percy Jackson books!
Cassandra, a princess of Troy and follower of Apollo, is delighted when the god himself appears to her. Apollo asks to love her in exchange for giving her future sight, and she agrees—but recoils when he kisses her. Enraged, the god transforms his gift into a curse: Cassandra’s visions will never be believed.

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SPARROWS IN THE WIND is an overall fascinating retelling of Greek mythology about Cassandra. Cassandra begins the story excited to be the kanephoros in the upcoming celebration of the gods. However, when Apollo gives her a gift in exchange for her love, Cassandra is excited to receive the ability to prophecy - but shoves him away when he kisses her. Spurned and angry by Cassandra's rejection, Apollo twists her gift so that while she will see the future, no one will ever believe her.

Unfortunately, Cassandra as a Princess of Troy sees their downfall due to Helen and Paris. Given the way her gift was cursed, no one believes her nor is willing to listen. However, Cassandra will not allow all the people she loves to be destroyed, and she is determined to change their fate. As destiny forges ahead, her path crosses with Rin, an Amazon who has come to aid in the war.

What I loved: This really brings Greek mythology to life. Cassandra is a compelling character, who fiercely cares for her family, doing the right thing, and has a fierce determination that means she will not give up easily. Other side characters, particularly the lesser god of the East wind, were really engaging as well.

Themes around family, trust, betrayal, understanding what drives others, persistence, and making your own fate will really appeal to the intended audience. While this is a middle grade read, it will work well for YA readers as well due to the mature themes throughout. Mythology can be a bit tricky for younger readers, and this handles it head-on in some ways (discussing sacrificing children, bargains around the physical, etc.), which will make it work best for older middle grade and YA.

What left me wanting more: The book switches from Cassandra to Rin halfway through, and this really switched up the flow in a way that felt a bit disjointed. It was abrupt and a bit harder to feel as immersed during the change. The story also jumped around in the timeline a bit, so readers needed to reorient in various places.

Final verdict: SPARROWS IN THE WIND is an overall engaging retelling of Greek mythology around the Trojan War that will work well for older middle grade and YA readers.
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