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The final conclusion to this tale is here. I definitely think this book had a great procession along with a great twist on the Anti-Christ story. Typically the Anti-Christ is this omen for a horrible downfall, which in this book it could have been but this story gave our Anti-Christ a choice. I'm glad there was a mix of time spent on Earth and the Aether in this book. The only reason why I felt this book didn't get a all around 5 stars from me is because it started off so slowly. But honestly it picks up pretty fast and then before I knew it, I was practically done with the book! Again, the amount of Marvel references still got under my skin but at this point, I have gotten kind of used to it. I really liked how the book ended and the closure it gave. There were many, many things done right in this book and overall I enjoyed the whole series.

Let's talk about development and Harley. Honestly, in the first book I had a harder time connecting to her character but as the story continued, I absolutely love her. Her fierceness and determination are unmatched. As she became to accept her role as Princess of the Aether, she became even more badass. It's hard to say things came easy to her after the life she had but she did come into her powers and controlled them very easily. But I love the connection she made with everyone and it was easy to see how these people entered the walls she built. I'm glad both Harley and Draven's point of views were given in this book.

Overall, Spark of Ash by Molly E Lee was a great conclusion to this trilogy. I really enjoyed this journey and am so glad I picked it up. I will stand by my original statement that this is definitely for a more older teenage group than younger. However, I loved the story progression and the twist on the Anti-Christ story. I thought it was amazing to see and I really enjoyed Harley and her company destroying evil and showing the world that being the Anti-Christ isn't necessarily a bad thing. Even with the over abundant use of Marvel references, this book brought the closure this trilogy deserved.
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