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My Soul to Steal
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After the ending of My Soul to Keep and the new information provided by Reaper, I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this one. I was happy to see that Kaylee hadn’t just fallen back in Nash’s arms, and that he’s working on making things right. At least until his ex-girlfriend conveniently transfers to their school and starts throwing herself at him. Sabine was briefly introduced in Reaper so I was definitely curious to find out more about her, even if I didn’t like her…at all. She definitely brought the drama, and I could appreciate that.

Kaylee has no idea who she can trust anymore. She’s trying to rebuild trust with Nash, but that’s hard to do when his ex is staying until the early hours, and is manipulating Kaylee’s dreams. There’s also the problem of Avari possessing the people around her without her notice! No one is safe from the hellion who wants his revenge. This was an emotional ride as Kaylee tries to navigate through her life and her deepest fears begin to surface.

I was a bit annoyed with her at times though. I can understand she’s hurt by Nash after the last book, but at times she’s overly harsh with him. He’s trying, you can definitely tell he’s trying his best, but it’s also obvious to us that he’s hurting too due to Kaylee’s lack of support. Of course she has every right to be mad at him, but she’s acting incredibly selfish by pulling him in then pushing him back. Tod tells her as much, but did he truly mean it or is something else going on?

There’s a lot going on in this book! Teacher dying, possessions by hellions, return of bitchy ex-girlfriends, coming down from addiction, students turning into delinquents, break-ups and make-ups, reapers delivering pizza! However, Rachel Vincent did a great job connecting the dots in a way that made sense and continuing plots from the previous books. I had trouble putting this one down, since the series just keeps getting better and better!
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