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When Alma feels scared because of a thunderstorm, her mommy teaches her that the best way to calm your fear is to imagine something beautiful that's probably happening right now. So she instructs her daughter to think of a mama and baby giraffe somewhere in the wild. This creates a chain reaction to help in other situations, like when you're mad or sad.

SOMEWHERE, RIGHT NOW teaches children diversion techniques to de-stress from difficult situations. The illustrations are cute and appealing to the child's eye with a softness that's appropriate for the topic. The diversion techniques are good for any emotional situation and perfect for these trying times we're living in. I love how the family comes together and encourages each other to look forward to brighter things.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to children going through a hard time and parents who are looking for healthy ways to help them sort through their emotions. The family vibes are an added bonus.
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