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(Updated: July 29, 2012)
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First of all.. I have to thank for giving me this book the day before it even came out! You have no idea how much it meant to me! Not only was I excited to recieve the Advance Reader's Edition; that is not for sale, but the fact that it took place in the city that I am still growing up in; was the cream cheese icing on my red velvet cake! This made it much easier for me to visualize Eleanor's surroundings! What I really liked was that at the begining I hated Daniel! I know it sounds weird.. Why would anyone like to hate someone? Well.. I liked it because if I would have never known the main male chracter's name (if you know what I mean) from reading the back of the book; I would have never known he would be the one I would eventually fall for! I also loved the concept of how the zombies came to be! And instead of being bitten by a zombie and turning into one yourslef, you die! I don't about you, but if I were bitten by a zombie I would rather die and be layed to rest instead of becoming a grotesque, gory, and lifeless monster that has nothing but the desire to feed off of humans! It's nice to know that these things can be stopped and can't overtake the human race with a couple of bites! Like I said.. It was a fun read! Defintely cannot wait for the next book; A Darkness Strange and Lovely!
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