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SOMEDAY WE’LL FIND IT by Jennifer Wilson is a YA coming-of-age novel in which Bliss Walker learns what it means to have choices, even when it never seemed like any existed at all. When Bliss’ mom left her for a modeling contract in Japan, Bliss went out of her way to be perfect for everyone in her life who stayed with her; her aunt, uncle, cousin Patsy, and even her boyfriend, River. It’s not until Bliss crosses paths with Blake that she’s woken up to how often she sacrifices what she actually wants for everyone else. However, after many years of people-pleasing, it’s not so easy for Bliss to assert herself, and when she does, everything around her starts crashing down. Set in rural America, SOMEDAY WE’LL FIND IT explores poverty, life in small towns, unexpected romance, and deep family wounds.

This novel is so beautifully and exquisitely written. The descriptions the author uses are not only masterful but also make everything in this book come alive. My five senses were completely awakened and I was able to picture exactly what the author depicted. Frankly, it was such a joy to read prose from someone who possesses such a strong command of language and imagination.

In many ways, this book mimics real life. It doesn’t necessarily have the ending I wanted, nor did it unfold in all the ways I’d have liked, but it did happen in a way that felt authentic. For example, Bliss flip-flops back and forth quite a bit throughout the book, because she’s struggling in almost all areas of her life. The longer her indecision went on, the more frustrated I got with her as a character, but it was exactly how a real human in real circumstances would behave, not on a perfect timeline tied neatly with a bow, but messy and all over the place.

I also truly loved the character of Blake. From the first moment he met Bliss, he was able to see her exactly as she was, when no one else in her life could, not even Bliss herself. There were times I wanted him to be more reactive and not be so composed, but I at least appreciated that unlike everyone else, he didn’t make any demands on Bliss. Instead, he simply invited her to follow her desires and respected them. Since he was a mirror to her, he also learned to express himself more as she did.

Overall, SOMEDAY WE’LL FIND IT is an exceptional novel that shines a light on the cruelty and unfairness of the world, what it means to accept someone as they truly are, and that the most important person we need to impress is ourselves.
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