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So B. It:Heartwarming,Mysterious,and Just Plain Great
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Reader reviewed by Bella

"So B. It?What kind of title is that?"

That's what I first thought when I saw the book at the library.My mom was in a hurry,and was irritating me by telling me to hurry up,so I just grabbed the book and went to the car.I didn't read the summary on the back cover,didn't even LOOK at the book the whole ride,just flopped it on the front seat.
As I began to read,I was intrigued by the story and just couldn't put it down for even a second.(That is,until Dad took the book to his room and snatched away the flashlight).

This incredible story called as So B. It starts out with Heidi talking about her disabled mother.She seems to know everything about Mama-except her past.This increduously lucky 12-year old starts to get infinetly curious when Mama starts to say a word nobody seems to know the meaning of-"soof."Heidi gets even more curious when she develops film from an old camera she finds in a drawer and sets of on a cross-country bus trip to find "soof."This book has a depressing,powerful,and meaningful ending,sure to
touch almost anyone.
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