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Reader reviewed by GirlwiththeBraids

Heidi It has always wondered about her life, her origin, and her family. Living with her mentally disabled mother that only knows twenty-three words and with her neighbor, Bernadette, who has agoraphobia, she has not met her grandmother (if she has one) and never found out the truth about her mother's past.

With Bernadette having agoraphobia, she can't leave the apartment. So Heidi does the grocery shopping, taking the garbage out, etc.

Bernadette homeschooled Heidi in their Reno, Nevada apartment so they spent most of their time together while Mama colored in her coloring books and slept.

Heidi had heard the story of her mother a thousand times but never got sick of hearing it.

Twelve years ago, Mama came to Bernie's apartment door with a small baby in her arms, crying.

Bernie took them in and cared for them. She asked Mama what her name was.

"Heidi,"She said pointing to the baby. "Me, So Be It."

Mama always said a strange word, "Soof." Heidi started thought about it and it tortured her not knowing what it meant.

After rummaging through closets and drawers, Heidi found a camera, with the film used up.

She developed the film and found pictures that answered her question, "Where did Mom and I come from?" She had to find this place. She needed to go find it. What was "soof"?

So B. It
by Sarah Weeks
245 pages
ISBN: 0-06-623623-1
US $16.89/ $25.89 CAN

This is one of the best books I have read.
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