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S'MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE is a cute early reading graphic novel. The book begins by teaching children how to read graphic novels (from left to right and then up and down, as well as the order within a panel). It then launches into the story of Nugget and Dog's camping trip to Camp Lotta Pine. They are excited to go and practice KETCHUP, a way to be kind. However, Dijon is there, and he is just evil. So when the time comes to tell scary stories, Dijon has a really scary one! However, his sidekick trips when sneaking up in the costume, and everyone decides it is just funny. At least it was, until the Mean Green Pine Thing appears - but Crouton is not in the costume. Is it the real Mean Green Pine Thing? Who will be brave enough to confront him?

What I loved: This is a great format for an early reader with the way that it teaches how to read graphic novels as well as oversized, large, clear font for young ones to begin to read independently. The story is one that will appeal to young elementary school kids, with jokes such as the name they choose for their cabin, Breaking Windz. The conflict is relatively minor, despite Dijon being "evil" (which it turns out that maybe he also has a KETCHUP side as well). Children will enjoy reading their adventures in camping and scary stories. There are plenty of fun camping features around s'mores, campfires, and more.

What left me wanting more: This may be a bit advanced for readers in this category, but it will definitely teach them some new words! As a small thing, the base humor and categorization of characters by good/evil are ones that children will love but caregivers may not love as much.

Final verdict: S'MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! is a fun early reader graphic novel about camping, friendship, and embracing the kindness of KETCHUP!
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