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Amity Falls is a small, quiet, religious town surrounded by forests. Ellerie Downing lives there with her sisters, brother, and parents, tending to the beehives and wishing of something more. She gets far more than she expected when creatures that were thought to have been long dead, if they even existed at all, show signs of having returned. Now to dangerous to get supplies from outside the town, the townsfolk face the winter and seasons ahead with dwindling supplies and short tempers. As tensions rise and something sinister creeps closer and closer, beings who will grant you any wish for a small favor, Ellerie must fight to save everyone she loves.

3 Reasons to read SMALL FAVORS:
1.) The haunting mood: As seen in HOUSE OF SALT AND SORROWS, Erin A. Craig has a way of infusing a haunting, tense mood into books. SMALL FAVORS combines an isolated town, strange newcomers, cabin fever, low supplies, and supernatural beings into a sinister concoction.

2.) The edge-of-your-seat plot: While the beginning was a bit slow, the story picks up pace quickly about a third of the way in. At every turn, I was preparing for the worst as Ellerie and the town face more and more setbacks and neighbors start to turn on each other. Each piece of the overall puzzle is slowly revealed until the big finish.

3.) The relationships: While there is a lovely romance, the relationships as a whole between Ellerie and her sisters, her brother, and her (ex?) best friend are all well-executed in addition to the romance. I particularly enjoyed the dynamic between Ellerie, her brother, and Rebecca, Ellerie’s best friend growing up and the soon-to-be mother of allegedly Ellerie’s brother’s child. It’s complex and complicated and soon shows her brother’s true colors.

Fans of Craig’s first book, HOUSE OF SALT AND SORROWS will find the same tense, haunting atmosphere in SMALL FAVORS but in an entirely new context. SMALL FAVORS is an excellent spooky time read for a quiet night.
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