Skate the Thief

Skate the Thief

Beware of Spilling Ink

Skate is a thief, trained and owned by the local crime syndicate, the Ink. When she tries to burgle a shut-in’s home, she gets caught by the owner—a powerful undead wizard. He makes a deal with her: “borrow” books from other wizards in return for a place to stay.

Caught between her growing fondness for the wizard and her past with the crime syndicate, Skate doesn’t know where her loyalties lie. But she’d better figure it out, because there’s a new player in town, one whose magical hypnotism puts them all at risk.

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Skate is a thief and a member of an organization called The Ink. She steals items to sell through them and doesn't have the easiest life. She works for the boss and once you're in The Ink, there's no getting out. Being an orphan, The Ink is the only thing she knows and does their bidding without thinking too much on it. Until she steals from the wrong house.

Robbing an older man she believes is a hermit along with her colleague Twitch, they're caught in the process, but Twitch manages to escape. It's revealed that he's actually a wizard when he halts Skate in place, preventing her from escaping. Skate weaves a story about having nowhere to go and the wizard makes a bargain with her. If she can bring him a new book, then he'll give her a place to stay. While this sounds like an easy task, Skate's inability to read makes it difficult. As the story progesses, more conflict breaks out between another magician. And even though Skate likes her life with the wizard better, doesn't mean the boss will let her out of The Ink.

SKATE THE THIEF is a unique story full of a strong female lead, criminal organizations, and magic. I love how witty and feisty Skate is and she has a hard shell around her heart from growing up on the streets. Her wit brings a lot of sarcastic humor into the plot which breaks up some of the more serious parts. The story starts off slow, but once it builds up, I feel like it doesn't stop. I love the wizard and all that he does for Skate, and I love the idea that magic can be taught. He teaches her to read and write which is life changing for her.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of criminal operations, magic, and coming of age stories. Skate is a strong character and I love her growth throughout the story.
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