Shu Lin's Grandpa

She Lin's Grandpa
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April 08, 2021
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Shu Lin has just started at a new school. She stands alone in the playground and at lunchtime she eats by herself from little boxes of brightly coloured food. What s up with her? says Barney.
But when Shu Lin s grandpa comes to school and shows the class his amazing Chinese paintings, everything changes .

With a stunning double-gatefold spread revealing a beautiful Chinese picture, this uplifting story shows the transformative power of art and imagination in developing cultural understanding and empathy.

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Pictures Speak Louder than Words
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When She Lin starts going to a new school, she finds herself in a completely different environment and unable to properly communicate with her peers. The students around her don't know what to make of her differences from them. She wears and eats odd things and this both intimidates and intrigues the other students. However, she still doesn't have a friend because communication isn't the easiest for her. Her grandfather comes to her school to show off his paintings and after pulling them out, no words are needed. Her schoolmates find themselves trapped in a serene silence as they admire the stunning brushstrokes and is the definition of one picture is worth a thousand words.

SHU LIN'S GRANDPA teaches that even though people can have different cultures doesn't mean we can't communicate. If not by words, then sometimes people use pictures to say what they can't do with words. The illustrations are so vivid and bold and I love how the paintings show children a look into Chinese culture. Children notice differences and it's our role to educate them about it. This story can be used as a tool to introduce Chinese culture.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to children who are fascinated by different cultures or to classes who may have a new student whose culture is different from ours. This story is an eye opener and shows children that even though people struggle to communicate doesn't mean they don't want to.
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