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Russian Steampunk=Tsarpunk. SHADOW AND BONE is an amazing debut!
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This is in my top 5 books of 2012, probably top 2 of the year, also. This was SOOOOO, so good!!
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Ten out of ten shuddering stars would only be the tiniest flicker of light this book well deserves. I am in awe of the amazing world of Shadow and Light and Bone and Blood. Leigh Bardugo, there are no words. You've laid them down exquisitely, and I just want to sit in the dark space after closing the book, having read the last pages, and soak in all the wonderment you brought me through.


"The woods were silent in their grief." One of my most favorite quotes from the book. I cannot elaborate where it comes into play or ruin a special moment for the reader. But I will say you must read this book with eyes and heart and soul opened to the whispered moments Bardugo has deftly woven together with the aid and skill of the Fabrikators and their ilk.

So many wonderful characters to get to know and fall in love with, some of whom do not survive throughout the pages herein. Still, this does not diminish where the light and darkness takes you, where Alina must ultimately go to find herself and her purpose and her strength.

I enjoyed the way Bardugo built her world from the beginning in an orphanage, through all the ranks and colors of the army, all the way up to the darkling and the royal family. The richness of the Russian-like culture seeps through the pages, and gives a wonderful vibe to the rest of the story. The way she wove these details into the story did not require a glossary or appendix of definitions, nor was it so complex as to flummox the reader. I thoroughly enjoyed Bardugo's world and can't wait to read what's next.

If you've any further doubt over whether you should or should not RUN IMMEDIATELY to your nearest locale and buy this book and do NOTHING ELSE until you've read every word, then trust me to tell you: this is the book worthy of your time. DO IT NOW. Sensational. Literally. Good and Evil, Darkness and Light, Shadow and Bone. It's all there. And kisses in the dark. Many kisses. Many dark places.

Read it quickly. You'll be holding your breath so much, you might pass out otherwise. Someone should attach a reader warning on the side, or else watch as readers everywhere pass out from too much amazement, tension, and wringing of hands.
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