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Whew! Break out the handkerchief for this series not to wipe away any tears, but to dab away the sweat that will break out. This is one HOT series dealing with seven teens and the seven deadly sins.

Grace, California is a dry, dusty place with little to recommend it. What the town doesn't provide, the teens themselves do as they embroil themselves in complicated plots that would put a soap opera to shame.

In the first book in the series, handsome Adam is dating the sweet and dedicated blonde Beth, while his best friend, the luscious (and lascivious) Harper looks on in jealousy. Harper's best girl buddy, Miranda is her sidekick in all things, including embarrassing Beth any chance they get in the hopes that Adam will drop her for Harper. Then there's Kane, a super-sexy hunk with animal magnetism and no conscience (though he is the object of Miranda's affections). Mix in a beautiful newcomer from the big city, Kaia, and you've got fireworks. The seventh teen, Reed, is only barely mentioned in this first book, but look for him to pop up later in the series.

Oh, and I almost forget the mysterious and sexy Mr. Powell, the new French teacher who's almost as out of place in tiny little Grace as Kaia is. He's got his own agenda, and tries to woo Beth, but it's Kaia that's got his number.

Fans of the Gossip Girl books looking for a new sizzling read will snap up this series. Just remember that handkerchief. You might need it.
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