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Envy by Robin Wasserman is the second book in the Seven Deadly Sins series. The series centers on a group of seven teens living in a small Californian town. The series is deliciously trashy, kind of like that chocolate mousse cake that tempts you from behind the display case. You want it, even though it's bad for you.

This particular installment does a fantastic job of illustrating the envy in everyone. Each teen is too busy going after what they don't have that nobody really takes the time to appreciate what they do have, until it's too late.

Beth and Adam seem to have the perfect relationship, or at least it appears that way whenever they're in public. But behind closed doors, the two lovebirds have a few secrets that are creating a rift in their relationship. Harper, the girl who owns the school, sees this rift as her opportunity to pounce. She's always wanted Adam, and yet for all her power and charm, he's never seen her as more than a best friend. Lucky for Harper, Kane, the town's resident playboy, finds himself coveting Beth. The jealous pair become partners in crime as they do everything in their power to break up Beth and Adam.

Kaia, the fabulously rich new girl from New York, watches Harper and Kane's painfully slow progress with amusement. Finally, with Kaia's help, Harper and Kane are able to launch the perfect plan to break up Beth and Adam, once and for all. Once their plan is unleashed, there's no turning back. Lucky for them, they don't care who they hurt in the process, as long as they get what they desire. And as for Kaia, well, she's just along for the ride. Or at least that's what she wants them to think. For the time being, she's got her hands full with their sexy French teacher.

The scandals, lies, and secrets are endless in Envy.
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