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It never fails that if I am super excited about reading a book that everyone loves, and then I finally read it like 2 years later, I will probably not be getting what I expected.

Yet, I still haven’t learned to give up hope. I relentlessly crave books with rave reviews and then wonder what all the hullabaloo was about.

Hence, the case with Seraphina. I don’t know if it was just the fact that it was loaded with dragons or if the headstrong female presence is what drove everyone to this book. Maybe it was the beautiful, descriptive writing. Maybe it was Prince Kiggs. Maybe it was the awesome world building. Maybe it was Phina’s mind palace full of “grotesques”.

Whatever it was, I apparently only got half of it. It took a lifetime (half the book) to finally get interesting and pick up pace. I did enjoy the fantasy element and was impressed by the world building. But people turning into dragons wasn’t something new to me. (The Sweetest Dark by Shana Abe. I read it before Seraphina and it blew me away!)

But once it got interesting, I was captivated. And now I need to read the second one pronto.

I loved Orma. LOVED HIM! And the females in this book. Holy crap, this was a powerful action book with strong women! And of course, the adorable Lucian Kiggs.

Great characters. Awesome high fantasy. Slow buildup to an excellent finish. And Dragons. A shload of dragons.
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Great characters.
Awesome high fantasy.
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