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I loved the first book in this series and I'm glad the sequel didn't disappointment me. Seeds of Rebellion is a fantastic sequel that only made me more excited to read the third book.

I think I'll do this review list-style since I enjoyed most of the same things I did in A World without Heroes. So, here are some things I really liked:

- Ferrin. I know he was the enemy and that he could turn on them at any time, but I just have a soft spot for the guy. Maybe that's even part of the reason I like him so much; he's very unpredictable. He even admits that it would be easy to betray them and has thoughts on how he would do it. I'd be really sad if he ended up bad :[

- Rachael's new abilities. I like that she has these new, inexplicable abilities, but doesn't really get a big head about it. Sure, she's stubborn to the point that she injures herself with said abilities, but it's not because she's trying to prove herself to Jason or anything.

- The balance between action and story. The story doesn't get stagnant, but it's also not a constant blur of action either. Mull knows what to skip and what to include. It's a little startling to read that the party has been traveling for a week or two that we missed, but I never actually felt like I truly missed anything. I don't particularly want to read a monotonous account of the character's travels if it's not moving the story along.

- The story. I like that there was actually a focus on the story and not on, say, a romance (I'm look at you, YA sequels). We got to see more of Lyrian, meet new races of people, and meet and lose characters along the way. There weren't as many "big reveals" this time around (which is fair), but I enjoyed learning about things like lurkers, jungle people, and the walking dead enough that it really didn't matter.

- We get to see Galloran being pretty badass.

The Nutshell: I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and world a bit better in Seeds of Rebellion and can honestly say I enjoyed it as much as the first. I'm really looking forward to reading the conclusion!
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