Secrets Never Die

Secrets Never Die
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August 29, 2023
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From New York Times bestselling author Vincent Ralph comes Secrets Never Die, a chilling new YA thriller about four teens whose dark secrets come back to terrorize them.

Some secrets should never have been buried . . .

We call it the Dark Place. I don’t know who built it or when but, for us, it’s special.

One night every year Sam Hall and his friends hold funerals for their secrets in an abandoned hut in the woods that they call the Dark Place. But this year, their secrets are taking on a life of their own.

Sam is a former child star whose career went up in flames—literally. And no one, not even his best friend knows why. His friends each hold a secret pertaining to the night. A secret they would all like buried.

Now someone from the past is blackmailing them with their dangerous secrets. Sam isn’t sure who he can trust, who’s watching him – or how far he’s willing to go to bury the past once and for all.

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intriguing YA thriller/horror
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SECRETS NEVER DIE is a campy YA thriller/horror that follows Sam. Sam was a child actor who was happy to leave it all behind years ago. Now, he's just a regular teen who enjoys spending time with his friends - and their Halloween ritual of holding a funeral for their secrets in the woods at what they call the Dark Place. Not long after they bury their secrets this year, they begin coming back to haunt them in the form of texts and messages. While they try to figure out who is blackmailing them, everyone is suspect including the people Sam thought he could trust the most - his closest friends.

This was a bit of twisty thriller as it is hard to guess who is behind the messages and how they know all their secrets. The threats escalate as the story continues. Interwoven between this plot are themes around parental expectations and the cost of fame, describing Sam's experience as a child actor, his father's fame-seeking and how this is now being transposed onto his sister, and his mental health. These were strong themes that create a lot of potential discussions and insights into these thought-provoking topics.

The reveal ended up being pretty surprising, and it was hard to see coming. The mystery of who was behind it was a good one. While they investigate to try to figure it out, it takes them down some different paths with potential suspects. The horror elements were pretty well done with creating the right mood amidst the threats and mystery. This did get pretty slow in the middle as it started to feel pretty repetitive and the information disclosed comes slowly and feels a bit circuitous.

Overall, SECRETS NEVER DIE is an intriguing horror/thriller that combines a good mystery with plenty of twisty intrigue.
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