Secret Benefits of Invisibility (The Falinnheim Chronicles #2)

Secret Benefits of Invisibility (The Falinnheim Chronicles #2)
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June 07, 2022
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For Zed and Tuesday, adjusting to life in modern-meets-medieval Falinnheim means normal is relative. Lots of kids deal with moving, starting new schools, and doing chores. But normally, those schools aren't in underground bunkers full of secret agents, and the chore list doesn't involve herding dodos. The one thing that hasn't changed: all the adults treat them like they're invisible.

When a security breach interrupts a school field trip, the siblings find themselves locked out of the Resistance base. With the adults trapped inside, it's up to Tuesday, Zed, and their friends to save the day. And for once, being ignored and underestimated is coming in handy. After all, who would suspect a bunch of kids are capable of taking down the intruders that captured their families, let alone the murderous dictator that put them into hiding in the first place?

Turns out invisibility might just have its benefits.

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There’s power in not being noticed.
(Updated: May 11, 2022)
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What worked:
The story picks up where the previous book left off, as Zed and Tuesday join their first class with other members of the Resistance in the world of Falinnheim. Life in the underground fortress is quite different, and the siblings immediately find themselves in the middle of danger. During a school trip, an alarm sounds alerting everyone to a breach in the defenses, so Zed, Tuesday, and their classmates are forced to flee aboveground and seek refuge in a safe house. A tense adventure ensues that throws them into the middle of the conflict between the king and the Resistance.
Zed and Tuesday’s family has an unusual dynamic that adds uncertainty and conflict to the book. It feels like the kids are uncomfortable with how they fit in. Their mother is a princess, hiding with them in another world in the first book, and their father was the head of the Royal Guard before her family was murdered. They’re now active members of the Resistance, so the kids rarely see them. Zed and Tuesday’s grandmother is the General, so they’re not sure how to address her. She doesn’t behave like a grandmother, so should the kids call her General? Does that sound like a warm family relationship?
The plot includes several twists to create uncertainty and potential surprises for future events. Spies and moles are part of the cast, so there’s always a possibility that a character might switch loyalties. A shady character named Scrimbley has helped the princess and the Resistance in the past, but he admits that he always looks out for himself first. Characters wonder if he’ll use information he’s gained from helping them and sell it to the king. The king controls the country using the Royal Guard and his secret police called the Red Hand. The Red Hand performs secret operations, and some citizens don’t believe they really exist. Zed and Tuesday learn the head of the Red Hand isn’t sharing the full truth with the king, and it makes them wonder why. In the end, all of these suspicious situations allow readers to imagine many possible outcomes to keep the story intriguing.
What didn’t work as well:
This book is the second in the series, and you might want to start with the first one. There are references to past events, but new readers might wonder about the actual conflict between the king and the rebels. Readers might want more detail early in the book about the danger and how Zed, Tuesday, and their family figure into everything. That information comes in later chapters, but it might be helpful to have it earlier.
The Final Verdict:
There’s power in not being noticed. Zed and Tuesday are the main characters, although it’s strange that they don’t feel like it. The plot follows them, but they aren’t usually the ones leading the action. Unusual, but not necessarily bad. The book blends mystery, action, and adventure, and the overall story is very entertaining. I recommend you give it a shot. The book’s resolution seems like it could end the series, but I suspect the Red Hand will return to create chaos.
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