Season’s Readings–Winter 2016



 With the prospect of spring right around the corner, the staff here at YABC wanted to share a list of our favorite winter reads. Whether deep in fantasy, history, or even cotemporary stories, we loved all of these books, and we hope you will, too! To learn more about these book and to read full reviews, just click the image!



Happy Season’s Readings!!



“As always, Wendy Higgins crafted a highly dramatic tale, beautifully written and completely surprising. Once The Great Hunt finally got going, I couldn’t stop and quickly finished it. A consuming read full of twists and turns, romance and deception.”–Emily, Staff Reviewer



“The thing that made this book stand out from so many other Sherlock reboots is the language. I don’t usually effuse about whether or not a book is well written, but the turns of phrase throughout this book are clever and amusing. Certainly, readers who enjoy any incarnation of Holmes will enjoy this, as will mystery readers, but this also can be recommended to teens who want a good prep school story or just a fun, well-written literary romp.”–Karen, Staff Reviewer





“Without the need to set up the rules of the world anymore, there is more room to explore the people within it. As the Essen Tasch gets underway, we see Kell and Lila, and magic itself, in a way we haven’t ever seen them before. With the delightful and thrilling setting of the competition acting as a backdrop, Gathering delves deeper into its two lead characters, and takes its time in bringing them back together, making the reader yearn for their eventual and inevitable reintroduction.”–Lauren, Staff Reviewer




“C.J. Redwine’s THE SHADOW QUEEN is retelling at its finest, taking the bare bones of the original and shaking everything up to see how the story could be different. Lorelai is the kind of queen we can all hail with strength and a desire to do good as her most powerful arsenal.” –Samantha, Staff Reviewer




“Take the Fall is a thrilling mystery, but also a lesson in choosing your friends wisely. Not everyone is there for you in a positive way.”–Emily, Staff Reviewer




“I love short stories anthologies but especially ones that have tales from characters I loved in a series. Each story is like a backstory of the whys behind the character’s motivations. Readers also see the flaws and wounds. The end result is you have a very satisfying collection.”–Kim, Staff Reviewer




“The story is told through the eyes of our four main characters and each of the sections is rather short. This keeps the plot moving quickly and allows each character’s secrets to be revealed slowly.Bottom Line: Recommending this book for all my historical fiction fans.”–Elizabeth, Staff Reviewer




“The premise for Front Lines could not get me more excited. Michael Grant skillfully places the reader right in the middle of America during World War II and creates an authentic story about what might have happened had women been able to serve. The historical details are clearly well-researched, but what strikes most is the portrayal of war itself.” –Samantha, Staff Reviewer




“Dark, haunting tale of a commune with deadly paranormal abilities that will take readers on a hypnotic trip. Mostly though this is a story about the power of love and choices.he commune Eclipse has a surreal, almost Manson-type of feel only with people that don’t age. That includes her age-less grandmother Rebecca. There is something almost too good to be true going on in Eclipse.”–Kim, Staff Reviewer





“Intense, gripping portrayal of not only a shooter but others around him. Kuddos for the author for peeling back what might otherwise be an one-dimensional killer. What leads up to the massacre is shown in haunting details.” –Kim, Staff Reviewer





“This author, who also wrote Hitler’s Secret, has a great feel for this time period. There are very few books that show people who “sympathized” with the Nazis because they preferred that course of action to death.” –Karen, Staff Reviewer





“The story takes off right away and doesn’t slow its pace throughout the novel. The heroine, Etta Spencer, finds herself reeling from a tragedy and completely unmoored when she falls into the past. I loved how she handled such a crazy situation; even though she’s confused and upset, she keeps a level head and charges full-steam ahead to do what she has must to get back to her own time. Etta is a heroine full of agency.” –Ellie, Staff Reviewer



 Let us know which books you are most excited to read in the comments below!