Season’s Readings–Summer Edition




What better way to spend your summer days than with a new book? Here at YABC we are committed to finding the best reads of the season. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to look too far. Our fantastic staff of reviewers have helped us compile a list of what we think are the best summer beach reads!

Below you will find everything from fantasy to thrillers to contemporary realistic reads and even a few sweet romances that are sure to fill you with the feeling of summer!   



A Court of Thrones and Roses: With magic, evil, and a strong heroine, A Court of Thorns and Roses will delight fans of Cruel Beauty. Plus, who doesn’t like a fairy tale?–Alison, Staff Reviewer




Crimson Bound: With a dangerous warrior and two love interests, this fairy tale retelling is full of twists and turns. Set in a fantasy world, the story brings great darkness and strangely, hope.–Alison, Staff Reviewer 





Daughter of Deep Silence: Sure to thrill you, enthrall you, and leave you with some serious trust issues. The plot packs a serious punch, and it is story-telling at it’s finest. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a good revenge story? (And did I mention, it’s a STANDALONE?).–Stephanie, Staff Reviewer


Filled with unexpected twists and turns, this tale of revenge will have you gasping for more! But mostly this is a story of a survivor who owns up to her inner strength and refuses to be the victim. A total must read!–Kim, Staff Reviewer




Every Last Word: This book depicts OCD in such a way that it feels completely realistic. The book is written lightly, though the ending’s got some darker touches. I would definitely recommend everyone  read this book during their summer break. Just get a good spot next to the pool, be sure to have enough to drink, because you will finish this lovely book in one read!–Nanouk, Staff Reviewer  




Fallout (Lois Lane): Gwenda Bond takes an important character [Lois Lane] and transforms her into someone readers can admire and enjoy in a new perspective.–Samantha, Staff Reviewer


Fallout is fresh, engaging, and impossible to put down! With a fascinating heroine, a compelling mystery, and a hint of romance, FALLOUT is the perfect, fast-paced summer read.–C.J., Social Media Manager and Staff Review Manager




For Real: A fun, quick, un-put-down-able read that makes you chuckle and groan and roll your eyes, all while tugging at your heartstrings and making you grin like a fool, perfect for fans of great sister stories, or reality TV, or travel.–Lauren, Listing Manager and Staff Reviewer




Heat of the Moment: With intense emotions, a fast-paced plot, and dramatic high school relationships, HEAT OF THE MOMENT is a fun and quick read perfect for taking along on a vacation.–Eden, Staff Reviewer 




I Am Princess X: A great read for those interested in a quick mystery and it will really appeal to fans of graphic novels who want to explore how the genre can work within a traditional story.–Zabet, Staff Reviewer 




Joyride: Contemporary romance with a diverse cast and characters that look beyond what others expect of them while following their own hearts.–Kim, Staff Reviewer




Made You Up: Poignant, heartbreaking, and compelling–this book is truly unforgettable. One of the best I’ve read all year. I want to shove it into everyone’s hands and say READ THIS.–C.J., Social Media Manager and Staff Review Manager




Sophmore Year is Greek to Me: If you are looking for a perfect book to take with you on vacation this summer look no more.  Sophomore Year is Greek to Me is my pick for a great beach read! There is travel, adventure, and a little sweet romance.–Claire, Staff Reviewer




The FixerA political thriller, and it is perfect to be read anytime, anywhere. Fans of ABC’s Scandal would love it.–Alsion, Staff Reviewer




The Hunted: Edge of the seat action that takes readers on a roller coaster ride through devastated California with characters you hope have the courage to face a pharmaceutical’s greed in order to save millions of lives. How far would you go in order to fight for justice even if that means possible death? A must read especially for those who want a diverse YA apocalyptic novel.–Kim, Staff Reviewer




The Kidney Hypothetical Or How to Ruin Your Life in Seven Days: An engaging hilarious tale of a teen who finds out that his so-called future might not be what he really wants. Only when he takes destiny into his own hands can he embrace his future. Add a fun assortment of other characters and you have a winning story!–Kim, Staff Reviewer




The Leveller: A fascinating virtual reality world, a heroine with brains and sass, and the kind of plot twists that keep a reader turning pages long past bedtime. I ate it up!–C.J., Social Media Manager and Staff Review Manager




The Mermaid’s Sister: An adventure of self-discovery, family, and true love. It’s a must read for fairytale lovers!–Zoraida, Staff Reviewer




The Porcupine of TruthFor readers of contemporary realistic fiction that want a story filled with truth, laughter, and life’s most endearing moments, The Porcupine of Truth is the meeting point between all the heart and sentiment David Leviathan has to offer and the crazy, fantastically fun road trip featured in Libba Bray’s GOING BOVINE.–Kayla, Blog Manager and Staff Reviewer





The Summer of Chasing MermaidsThe best kind of beach reading for the season are the books that give you that summery feel even when it isn’t summer. The Summer of Chasing Mermaids does exactly that. With a whirlpool of complex characters and montage of finding yourself moments, it’s the summer read no one will want to miss!!–Emily, Staff Reviewer




We Were LiarsIt takes place in the summer and has an air of mystery, as well as an air of the surreal. It’s a really quick read, which is perfect for that day trip to the beach. The writing is both accessible and hauntingly beautiful, engaging the reader in the story from the very first page. It’s hard to put down, meaning it’s perfect for vacations where distractions are a minimum.–Abby, Staff Reviewer



We hope yoour summer is filled with perfect weather, great fun, and some amazing YA reads!