Season’s Readings–Fall Edition




What better way to spend your fall days than with a new book? Here at YABC we are committed to finding the best reads of the season. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to look too far. Our fantastic staff of reviewers have helped us compile a list of what we think are the best autumn reads to fall into! 

Below you will find everything from fantasy to thrillers to contemporary realistic reads and even a few spooky books that are sure to fill you with the feeling of fall! 


Blood and Salt: This is the PERFECT read for this fall season. Bittersweet forbidden love meets Children of the Corn with an ohmygod reveal that will have readers gasping. Bloody, powerful, and stunning, this novel had me wanting more!–Kim, Staff Reviewer 



Sanctuary: A haunting ghost tale of loss and love set in a centuries old Gothic mansion off the coast of Maine. Also a story of being true to not only yourself but coming to terms with a painful past.–Kim, Staff Reviewer





It’s a Wonderful DeathMean Girls meets It’s a Wonderful Life with snark, humor, and a fun twist on the whole meaning of life.–Kim, Staff Reviewer




The Leveller: This was a fast-paced, fun read. If you like the idea of combining gaming and virtual reality with a sassy, competent heroine, you should treat yourself to this story.–Angela, Staff Reviewer 




Mirrored: This is a modern fairy tale, told from the perspectives of both the good guy and the bad guy. The story gives us interesting background information about why Snow White happened the way it did, in a modern context of course. The story is funny, mesmerizing and told very well. If you love fairy tales with a little twist, you hould definitely read this book!–Nanouk, Staff Reviewer



Hello, Goodbye and Everything in BetweenA funny, bubbly yet heartbreaking story about a boy and a girl who are both going to colleges at opposite sides of the country. In this book you will read about their last night together, and how that doesn’t really turns out as they planned it to be. This book really surprised me and I think a lot of young aduls will be able to relate to the characters. I adored the book!–Nanouk, Staff Reviewer



Dumplin’Sassy. Sweet. Inspiring. This book is all about being true to yourself, even if that means going against popular expectations. This books is beautifully humorous and vulnerable, letting readers sink into its pages and emerge with renewed courage.–Hannah, Staff Reviewer



Thirteen Chairs: This is the perfect book for Halloween, if you’re looking to be spooked. A mix of ghost stories told within a story, there’s rarely a dull moment. If you like Goosebumps, if you remember that show that played late at night on Nickelodeon called Are You Afraid of the Dark?, then pick Thirteen Chairs up and take a seat. You’re in for a thrill.–Emily, Staff Reviewer



Drowning is InevitableThis is the perfect deep read for a quiet Autumn day. The heartfelt realism, edge-of-your-seat adventure, and the incredibly complex relationships are a recipe for a book hangover that hot chocolate can help sooth.–Samantha, Staff Reviewer



The Dead HouseWith its spine-chilling mystery, psychological intrigue, and mixed media format, this story refuses to let you go and is sure to haunt both your dreams and your favorites shelf for a long time.–Samantha, Staff Reviewer



Nightmares! The Sleepwalker TonicI liked that we get a good mix of all three worlds – the real word, the Netherworld, and the Dream world. All three exist in a delicate balance and I liked how Segel instilled a bit of truth and thought into an otherwise comical, yet spooky book.–Vi, Staff Reviewer



The SufferingThis is set in Aokigahara – Japan’s “Suicide Forest” – one of the most fascinating, and creepy, places on Earth.  Tark and the revengeful spirit, Okiku, set out to rescue a friend and instead find themselves in a lost village fighting ghosts who have suffered at the hands of those who claimed to love them and now seek to destroy anyone who disturbs them.  It is the perfect read for a scary Halloween evening.–Zabet, Staff Reviewer

13 Days of MidnightThere is something particularly awesome about a great ghost story when fall comes along and Halloween is just around the corner.  Leo Hunt delivers a Stephen King-esque spook story that rides the line between classic horror and downright gross in a gripping page-turner with a healthy dose of the blackest magic imaginable.–Deena, Staff Reviewer



Guys Read: Terrifying Tales: This is a collection of the greatest scares I’ve seen in some time. From classic horror, subtle paranormal, a tad bit of spooky humor, to perfectly creepy, this volume of Guys Read Shorts will have you on the edge of your seat. And that’s before you unwillingly hand it over to your eager tween.–Deena, Staff Reviewer



Archivist Wasp: This is a story unlike any other. It blends ghosts, science fiction, and dystopia. Chilling and unique.–Zoraida, Staff Reviewer



The Dogs: This book bends genres in the most gratifying way! Perfect for fans of psychological thrillers, true crime tv, and a good ghost story. Allan Stratton’s novel will leave readers guessing to the very end!–Kayla, Blog Manager and Staff Reviewer



This Monstrous Thing: This is the perfect blend of steampunk and Frankenstein! Mackenzi Lee proves that in death there is life, that not all monsters are inhuman, and that even humans can be monstrous. This novel tackles many of the classic themes from Mary Shelley’s world and reimagines them in a way that plays with history and constructs a new world to tell this timeless tale!–Kayla, Blog Manager and Staff Reviewer



We hope this season finds you well and that you fall into some amazing reads! From all of us here at Young Adult Books Central: Happy Season’s Readings!