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Young Adult Fiction 160
(Updated: June 05, 2024)
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Former best friends Naya Morgan and Yana Bunpraserit always felt out of place in their small Oklahoma town. When both are inducted into the exclusive society of Yatesville High's top recent graduates, they're offered a chance to go on a yacht trip to Bermuda. Only something sinister is underfoot. Along with secrets, someone is targeting the graduates. After one of their classmates is brutally murdered, Naya and Yana have to put aside their differences to solve who is killing them if they want to survive.

What worked: Fast-paced, who-done-it murder mystery with a Gossip girl vibe. Only in this case, secrets have a deadly cost. Yana and Naya haven't been friends since middle school. Naya now hangs with the 'cool' kids and Yana is more of the outcast. When one of their classmates is murdered after promising to share a 'secret', the girls realize they have to work together to find out who the killer is.

At first, the gossipy, mean girl vibe shows the divisions between Naya and Yana, but they're not that different. Naya's best friend Taylor is wealthy and passive-aggressive in their relationship. Taylor is everything that Naya wishes-rich, confident, and having connections. There's Gabe, the boy who ghosted Yana at Prom who has his secrets. Etienne, the French exchange student, and Naya's boyfriend. Brett, the star school swimmer. Amelia and Derek who rumor has it helped her get into Harvard. Finn, Taylor's boyfriend, who isn't all he seems.

Who is the killer? Why are they targeting the graduates?

This Clue-like mystery is guaranteed to keep readers flipping the pages to find out who is the killer.

Twists and turns are everywhere. Along with secrets that someone will do anything to keep hidden.

I really enjoyed having two diverse protagonists who share how they feel like outsiders in the mostly White small Oklahoma town.

Captivating thriller where two former friends pull together to solve a murder mystery abroad a luxury yacht before they become the next victims.

Good Points
1. Two former best friends go on a trip to Bermanda which turns out to be a horror trip
2. Diversity
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