Search for Treasue (The Islanders )

Search for Treasue (The Islanders )
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June 14, 2022
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Jake Potter is back on Dewees Island for another summer with his beloved grandmother, Honey. This time, Jake is excited that his dad will be there as he continues to recover from his injuries sustained in Afghanistan. But Jake also knows they both need get used to a new normal, which isn’t easy.

Jake also discovers that his two best friends, Macon and Lovie, are struggling as well. Macon is adjusting to being a big brother, while Lovie is navigating a new relationship with her dad, who has long been absent in her life. To cheer everyone up, Jake decides that the trio needs a new mission, just like they had the previous summer in saving the turtles. He discovers that his dad loved spending time in an old tree fort on the island, and there is a special treasure box hidden somewhere nearby. Jake just knows if he can find it, maybe his dad will be happy again—and he knows Macon and Lovie are the perfect fellow treasure hunters!

Their search leads them to discover there might be actual buried treasure somewhere on Dewees, all while they battle some unwelcome guests on the island, of both the two- and four-legged kind! On the three friends’ biggest quest yet, they realize that the treasures they really want in life were with them all along.

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Good friends support each other, no matter what.
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What worked:
The book addresses various emotional issues. Jake’s father lost a leg in the war and he’s struggling to accept his life as an amputee. He’s very self-conscious and sensitive about it and he will shut down emotionally when he’s reminded. The characters discover another veteran on the island with experiences from Vietnam and Jake, Lovie, and Macon learn a lesson about not judging others based on their appearances. Jake and Lovie’s friendship may become something more although it’s challenged by the appearance of two “Invaders”. The three main characters are best friends but each of them is forced to adapt to changing situations. Jake is especially frustrated by his father’s behavior as he battles with new challenges created by his prosthetic.
The overall book has a wholesome tone, which is not typical for today’s middle-grade novels. The main characters are respectful to their parents and don’t make irresponsible decisions. Dewees Island is a nature sanctuary so it doesn’t have any stores, restaurants, or other businesses. Cars aren’t allowed so residents travel the island on golf carts or by walking. Jack is shocked to learn his grandmother Honey now has internet service but she won’t let it interfere with his ability to commune with nature, friends, and family. She runs a nature center and has a strong personality. She’s determined to protect the plants and animals on the island and she’s aware that sometimes visitors need to be protected from the alligators.
Readers can learn a bit about U.S. history and about the wildlife found off the coast of South Carolina. The main characters are determined to find treasure and their initial research is on the history of Black Beard and shipwrecks in the area. Sea turtles lay eggs on the island and a team of residents is dedicated to protecting their nests and the hatchlings. Alligators roam in the wild and information about their habits is included in the plot with sea otters, dolphins, and other creatures making appearances. A tropical depression (not a hurricane) engulfs the island early in the story and readers will learn how these storms can affect the habitat.
What didn’t work as well:
The plot doesn’t create high drama or suspense which may not attract middle-grade readers. However, the story depicts young kids adventuring together in a very realistic way. They want to find a treasure but are willing to adjust their plans to more reasonable expectations. They confide in adults when they need help instead of making reckless choices that will only get them in further trouble. It’s refreshing to read realistic fiction that truly feels realistic.
The Final Verdict:
Good friends support each other, no matter what. The plot is easy to follow without any unnecessary, gimmicky twists. The author still forces the characters to adapt to changes and the story reinforces what true friendship might look like. I recommend young readers give this book a shot.
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