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even better than Cinder!
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I loved this book more than I loved Cinder (and I did love Cinder so much!). Once I got the hang of the action it took me a day and a half to go from its first part and the ending. Scarlet was an awesome character and I'd have liked to know her grand-mère better, I squealed like an idiot everytime Wolf did or said something. I wasn't expecting to like Thorne the way I did, he was so funny, intelligent, sassy and such a good side-kick for that bamf that Cinder is! And Iko... OH Iko, I didn't realize how much I missed her until she was re-installed into the Rampion! Everytime she had a comment regarding Kai I laughed like an idiot! I cannot wait to know what happens to Kai now, poor thing and Levana... LEVANA! I haven't hated a queen so much since when I used to watch Cersei Lannister on Game of thrones! But deep down I do think she's another badass... Everyone's a badass! ... Except Miss and Mrs Linh... God, erase them from the face of the earth, please!
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