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What I Loved:

Creepy creatures and a spooky old house with secrets provide the vehicle for a heartwarming story of three siblings who learn to stop fighting and start working together as a team. The initial tension and fighting between the siblings is entirely realistic, especially given the recent loss of their mother and their move into a new town. Each character is well developed and given room to grow throughout the story. Each also has something important to contribute to the resolution of the novel's conflict. Readers will empathize with the characters, especially with the narrator Morton, and will cheer them on as they face the terror that has taken over their town.

The comic-book-come-to-life was also very well done. The drawings and information about each monster will remind readers of trading cards, and the scenes involving the various creatures will keep readers flying through the pages. My middle school boy absolutely adored this book because it hit all of his buttons--comic book monsters, action, and secrets. Along the way, he also got to experience realistic and heartwarming sibling relationships and a lesson about putting aside differences to work together as a team.

What Left Me Wanting More:

The pacing at the beginning feels a bit slow. The chapters are long, and it takes a little while to get to the action. Reluctant readers may need a push to keep going, but they will be well rewarded when they do.

Final Verdict:

Creepy, action-packed, and heartwarming, SCARE SCAPE is sure to be a favorite on many a book shelf.
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