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Royal Blood
(Updated: December 16, 2022)
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Seventeen-year-old Evan Bright has been in and out of boarding schools. She's also the illegitimate daughter of the King of England. When disaster hits her last boarding school, she finds herself in London with a father she doesn't remember and his current royal family. Her stepmother resents her presence and her stepsister Maisie is a total royal pain. Then scandal hits again only this time Evan finds herself the primary suspect in a murder investigation. Rumors build and she doesn't know who to trust. Other secrets come out that could change the monarchy forever. Plus, one of her own that she's willing to do anything to protect.

What worked: Totally addictive story of an American teen who gets sucked into a royal scandal. I'm a huge fan of novels with royalty! I really loved Evan. She's been through so much but refuses to let others get to her. She knows she's the daughter of the King of England and resents that he hasn't reached out to her. So when she finds herself in London and in not only his presence but his current family? She doesn't expect to get accepted-and she isn't. She figures once she turns eighteen she'll go back to America. That's when things change.

Princess Mary at first is the entitled snobby British princess who resents Evan and isn't afraid to show her contempt. But what I liked is that the author fleshes out Mary to not be that stereotypical evil stepsister. There are also other characters like Kit who is supportive throughout Evan's ordeal. King Alexander slowly comes out and shares what really happened between Evan's mother and him. And of course, the UK press with their salacious attempts to destroy Evan.

The mystery of who really killed Jasper isn't obvious and I was surprised by the reveal. There is a sensitive topic of sexual harassment and what happened to Evan at a party. Also, mental illness is mentioned. The author does have an interview where schizophrenia isn't shown in a way that enforces the stigma.

Engaging twist on an American teen's encounter with a deadly royal scandal. The portrayal of the extent social media and tabloids go after scandals within royal circles is shown in realistic detail. But it's mostly a story of a courageous teen who doesn't shy away from the truth even when most of the world thinks she's guilty.
Good Points
1. Engaging twist on an American teen deadly royal scandal
2. Addictive and totally captivating read
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