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Roman and the Hopeless Romantic Review
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In the first book, we were introduced to Jesse’s sister, Cassie, and his best friend, Roman. After witnessing their mother’s murder, Cassie suffers from PTSD and anxiety. She has barely left the house or spoken to anyone outside her family in two years. Not even to Roman, who used to be her best friend too.

On the outside, Roman is this cocky, light-hearted hockey player, but he’s struggling to find where he belongs. Jesse’s family has been there for him more than his own, and when Roman’s parents decide to move halfway around the world, the Carrigans don’t hesitate to take him in. Well, all except Cassie. She hasn’t been able to talk to Roman in two years, and now she shares a bathroom with him.

Roman eases into Cassie’s life and works to help her move forward, while trying to get his best friend back. Together, they grow as individuals and as friends.

And the whole thing is just so stinking beautiful. I am low key obsessed with this book. I read it back in December (I know, I am super behind on reviews), and it instantly became one of my favorites of 2019. In fact, it made the top 3 list… out of 94 books.

Roman and Cassie both have a lot going on; Cassie’s struggles are just more apparent. These two are so lovable and relatable. Characters are vital for me, and both were so easy to connect to. They truly made me love the story from the very beginning. Actually, my love for them started in book one. Seeing their friendship mend and then grow into something more… It was just perfect.

There was so much emotion in this book. Between Cassie’s traumatic past and Roman feeling unworthy because his parents aren’t there for him, the reader is sucked in to their story, and Michelle does such an incredible job conveying all those feelings.

There are light moments too, though. Roman is obnoxious and funny, always trying to make situations easier. So, naturally, he’s now my favorite. He actually reminded me a lot of Becks from her other two series, Redefining Me and Discovering Me. Except Roman is slightly less ridiculous. Slightly.

Overall, this book was fantastic. I already want to re-read it. I cannot recommend it enough! Definitely check it out!

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Good Points
- I don't even know what to put here because there are so many good points. The characters are wonderful, the story is well developed, and the whole thing is just amazing.
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