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About The Book:

Title: FATE’S REBELLION (Sixth Sense #1)

Author: Whitney Morsillo

Pub. Date: October 7, 2022

Publisher: Whitney Morsillo

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 317

Find it: Goodreads 

Controlling the wolf inside is never
guaranteed… I know that now.

My whole life I thought my biggest
obstacle was dating the son of the sheriff—the one person in town my parents
hate more than anyone. But I never imagined that my eighteenth birthday would
bring something bigger—something dangerous. At eighteen, I finally know the
family secret… I’m a werewolf. And my boyfriend? He’s our rival pack’s next
alpha… and my fated mate.

But it’s too late. Connor broke up
with me “to keep me safe,” but from what? Now that I’m a wolf shifter
too, he’s changed his mind and wants me back. But can I really trust the boy
who broke my heart just weeks ago?

And if I do, can our forbidden love
actually be enough to conquer the family feud between our rival packs and
finally bring peace to our town?

Facing betrayals from close friends,
rescuing loved ones who’ve been taken, and fighting against the family feud of
a lifetime, Connor and Tala must decide: family or fate?

Fate’s Rebellion is the first book of a young adult paranormal romance trilogy
with fated mates, forbidden love, and second chance romance tropes. It is
inspired by Twilight and Romeo and Juliet and is told in first person, present
tense with dual point of view (alternating chapters between male and female
characters). Each book of the trilogy follows a new couple of the same friend
group, with books one and two being male/female relationships and book three
being female/female. Beware that certain scenes may be triggering to some
readers for some violence.

Guest Post:

Top 5 favorite scenes and why.

— Let’s see… I love this scene in the beginning where Tala is asleep and has a flashback to when Connor broke up with her. It distorts and becomes her parents holding her ankles, making her unable to chase after him. Their whole relationship was forbidden, so it really freaks her out that they’re there and they know she loves him. She wakes up when she falls out of her bed, tangled in the sheets, and her mom bursts in the room to hold her while she cries, which makes her cry harder because she can’t tell her what she’s upset over. It’s one of the few times her mom calls her by a nickname, little red pup, which hints at their heritage and where Tala’s name came from.

Another scene I love is when Connor steps out of this smoothie shop that hosts local bands to get some air, but when he’s out there, he catches a whiff of Tala’s perfume that’s particular to just her. I love how it’s written with the scents in the air, and when he rushes back in to find her, her best friend gives him a death glare (girls stick together!). But he quickly realizes she’s gone, right before her first shift is about to happen and she has no idea. It’s great tension!

There’s this one scene where Connor is thinking back on when he saw Tala for the first time. The imagery of it and how his love for her caught him by surprise melts my heart. He talks about her looking like a mystical fairy creature while she’s swimming in a lake, the twilight sky shining purple on the surface and making her red hair look like a burgundy color. It’s a beautiful scene, and the way it ends with him talking about being in love with the enemy is so Romeo and Juliet.

This scene is pretty short, and it isn’t focused on Tala and Connor, but it’s a scene with Connor’s best friend Seth and him talking about Tala and her best friend Ruelle. Seth calls Ruelle by her nickname Rue and Connor points it out, making Seth blush and talk about how Rue smells like sunshine, lemons and wet earth. It’s just adorable and helps paint the romance for book two, when Seth and Rue take front stage.

Lastly, one of my favorite scenes is the last chapter. It’s in Caleb’s point of view, he’s shuffling through Tala’s room when no one is home. It shed lights onto his character as the antagonist, his past traumas, and his motives. In each book, he gets the very last chapter as his point of view.


About Whitney Morsillo:


Whitney Morsillo is a New England transplant living in the
Tennessee mountains and writes YA paranormal romance. She has a Master’s in
Creative Writing and believes books are crucial to survival in this wild world
because “whether life is good or shit-tastic, you deserve an escape to
beautiful men and to run with the wind in your fur… or hair.” When she
isn’t writing swoon worthy, morally grey men who find their sassy fated mates
to be their greatest strength—and infuriating weakness or beautiful villains with
tragic pasts, she looks forward to the changing leaves of autumn, drinks way
too much Earl Grey tea, and reads her children Harry Potter while sneaking in
some steamy reads after bedtime.

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