River (Warriors: A Starless Clan #1)

River (Warriors: A Starless Clan #!)
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April 05, 2022
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They have always lived by the code—but only change can keep the peace. A new age is dawning on the warrior Clans. Now a new generation of warriors rises—one wrestling with the legacy of his great ancestor Firestar, one seeking to protect her troubled Clan, and one yearning to prove herself as a medicine cat—as leaders from all five Clans agree that the Warrior Code must be reformed. But when tragedy strikes RiverClan, old fears will threaten the new peace… unless these three young cats can calm the coming storm. This seventh epic Warriors series is full of action, intrigue, and adventure. This first book is the perfect introduction for new readers, while long-time fans will discover what unfolds after the events of The Broken Code.

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Changing laws is easier than changing minds.
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What worked:
The author skillfully creates the drama that accompanies a culture going through drastic changes. I had not read any of the other Warriors books, and I know there are many, and it seems the cat clans haven’t always gotten along. This book sees them trying to unite and change some rules governing leadership and switching clans. It’s abundantly clear that it’s easier to change the laws than it is to change minds in the community, as many of cats have not forgotten their borders. Despite being “united”, the cats’ loyalties lie within their own clans.
The book focuses on three different clans in alternating chapters. Frostpaw’s story is most intriguing, as her character faces serious challenges. She’s an apprentice to become a medicine cat for RiverClan, but that’s not her biggest concern. She’s one of the few cats able to speak to StarClan, the spirits of cats who have passed on, and all cats seek guidance and approval from these ancestors. That puts great pressure on her character, especially when leadership concerns develop. Without presenting spoilers, Frostpaw and her fellow cats become wary and guarded when they realize other clans may see them as vulnerable.
It's admirable how the author is able to weave feline attributes into the characters and still tell a compelling story. Words, like purred and meowed, are used when the characters talk, and they sometimes enjoy basking in the sun’s warm rays. Becoming a warrior is a high honor among the cats, and one of their most important jobs is to hunt for mice, squirrels, and birds to keep the clans fed. Readers can easily envision their pets mimicking the characters as they hide, stalk, and pounce on their prey.
What didn’t work as well:
There are a lot of cat names, and some of them are very similar. The characters are divided into five clans, and it can be a challenge to remember characters day to day. It may be easier if the book is read in larger chunks. It took me some time to figure out whose stories to follow, but I’ll share that Sunbeam, Flamepaw, and Frostpaw are the main characters. Their stories are compelling, but the ending feels like an unresolved lead-in to the next book in the series.
The Final Verdict:
Changing laws is easier than changing minds. I’m certain fans of the author’s other Warrior series will love this book. "River" presents several intriguing conflicts to entertain readers, and I recommend you give this book and ensuing sequels a shot.
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