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Rent a Boyfriend Review
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I'm not even sure where to begin with this review, to be honest, because I loved this book so much. It had just the right amount of drama to counter the adorable fluffiness.

To convince her parents to stop insisting she marry an intolerable jerk, Chloe hires a boyfriend to join her for the holidays. Except, they hit it off and become friends. The more Drew comes around for events and gatherings though, the more they realize how real it feels. And how much they want it to be.

While the story was the typical, cute YA romance, it was the characters and culture that really drew me into this book. I loved seeing the Asian-American family dynamics and traditions and how they affect the main characters. It was really moving.

But I also just loved the characters in general. There was a lot of growth and development shown not just in Chloe and Drew but her parents.

This book made me laugh and cry, and I read it all in one night because I could not stop! I highly recommend it.
Good Points
- Own voices author with rich culture and traditions
- Beautiful character development
- Easy to read and get sucked in
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