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In Remembering the Good Times, by Richard Peck, it seemed to have a lot of ups and downs in my opinion upon reading the book. By ups and downs I mean that theyre were a lot of good and bad times. Also in Remembering the Good Times, there seemed to be four different good life features presented, making friends, keeping friends, helping friends and also unfortunately, losing friends. An example of making friends was when Buck and Kate first me each other in the beginning of the book. A really touching part of the story for me is when we figure out that Kate, Buck, and Trav are all considered outcasts by society and they all know it but they also know that they dont need anything but friendship to get by in life. That is pretty much the main theme of the book that really intrigued me and made me keep on reading it.

A few more points in the story have to do with helping your friends and that is easily recognized in this book by seeing how Buck helps Kate and Kate helps Trav and all the way around to everybody helping everybody. This just goes to show that they wont be knocked around by the average stereotypes of society. One last point I would like to show you in the story is dealing with losing friends. I wont spoil it for you but let me tell you what all this means. It is that this story touches on a very very touchy subject, suicide, and let me tell you from experience, it is not easy dealing with a suicide in real life and in this story it shows that suicide does hurt the people that are left behind and that it is a good reason to like this book. It puts real life experiences into a fictional story.
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