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remembering the good times
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Reader reviewed by frankie

In Remembering the Good Times, you start at Bucks dads house because his parents are divorced and he lives with his mom on week days and with his father on week ends. When he goes to stay with his dad trailer, he meets a girl in an orchard and her name is Kate. She is a tom girl, one of the main characters, Buck and Kate and the main characters name is Buck and later in the book they become really good friends Kate lives with her mom and her grandma in a old farm house buck dad lives in a trailer in the back of a gas station called the sonoco and then he moves in with his dad for good and his mom marries a man named Mr. Wonderlick and they move to Atlanta and the summer after a kid named Trav moves to Bucks town he goes to live with his mom and step dad in Atlanta and then he comes back when it is time to go to school. Buck finds out that Trav and Kate have been hanging out together a lot while he was gone.

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